anthony vaccarello herst/winter '15

Neem samen met i-D een kijkje achter de schermen van de herfst/winter '15-show van Anthony Vaccarello.

door i-D Team
04 maart 2015, 1:22pm

Het was niet meer dan passend dat Anthony Vaccarello

should kick off the Paris instalment to what's been a pretty sexy season. With his general 80s bombshell vibes, the autumn/winter 15 penchant for the saucy power-dressing of the era was home turf for the Italian-Belgian designer, who applied a newfound appreciation for Americana to his trademark asymmetry, silver components and skimpy dresses. Backstage he talked about his recent travels in America, a road trip that made him fall in love with all the great clichés of Western culture: bolo ties, suede, fringe, and of course the star motif that appeared throughout the collection, styled by i-D Fashion Director Alastair McKimm.

On the front row, Donatella Versace looked chuffed to be sandwiched in between Larry and Laurent Bourgeois - the twin dancer sensation - but even happier to be celebrating her Vaccarello, her ultimate protégé. Now officially the Creative Director of Versus, the designer's bond with the Versace matriarch cements the fashion ping-pong the two have been keeping up for seasons now, working in nods to the work of one another in their collections. The Vaccarello-Versace constellation is a match made in heaven, not just for the obvious reasons but because it signifies a bright future for the kind of sexy fashion that's so far away from all the stripped-down, clean-cut stuff that easily becomes gospel around the trend land.


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