MARC JACOBSと「iD」がコラボレーションで贈るストリートのグループにフォーカスを当てたフィルムシリーズ。今回ピックアップしたのはブロンクスのBMXクルー達。ファッションとドキュメンタリーが出会い、社会的な規範からは少し外れたアプローチで抵抗や自己表現を続ける彼らのリアルな姿を写し出す。

by i-D Team
16 April 2016, 11:15am


Director Danielle Levitt
Producer Stephanie Porto
Styling Delphine Danhier
Director of Photography David Raboy
Casting by The Pull
Assistant Camera Rosie Duke
Gaffer Greg Antonopoulos
Sound Luke Decker
Digital Imaging Technician Dustin Heider
Edited Christophe McHale
Sound Mix Luke Decker
Colourist Benjamin Brucker
Lighting Assistant Jordan Zuppa and Stefano Ortega
Production Assistants Reilly Cleare and Alec Glasgall
Casting Assistant Elena Mudd
Global Head of Video Danielle Bennison-Brown
Head of Creative Development Bunny Kinney
Head of Branded Production Fiona Sinclair Scott
Senior Video Commissioning Editor Jack Robinson
Production Manager Eleanor Galloway
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