the a-z 胸が高鳴るダンス

i-DとDIESELのコラボレーションで生まれた「the a-z of dance」は、晴天のLAのストリートや屋上でホットなダンステクニックを撮影したダンスディクショナリー。ディレクターのジェイコブ・サットンが“ジョグジーンズ”と“カットオフ”をはいた世界レベルのダンサー達によるクールなダンスをキャッチ。360度どの方向にもストレッチが効くDIESELの“ジョグジーンズ”がクラピングを成功させる。あなたも今すぐエンジョイ!

by i-D Team
01 June 2016, 8:30am


Director: Jacob Sutton
Executive Producer: Laura Holmes for Laura Holmes Production
Director of Photography: Jackson Hunt
Editor: Jarrett Fijal for Bonch
Motion Graphic Designer: Sebastian Lange
Production Manager: Pia Ebrill for Laura Holmes Production
Casting Coordinator: Molly Zinar for Laura Holmes Production
Local Producer: Wes Olson for Connect The Dots
Local Production Manager: Meghan Gallagher for Connect The Dots
Local Production Coordinator: Cassandra Bickman for Connect The Dots
First Assistant Director: Knoko Chappele
Production Assistants/Drivers: Hank Hartnell, Jordan Jolliff, Diane Kim, Saul Luzeus & Paris Potter
Studio Teacher: Cyndi Raymond
Focus Puller: Rachel Fox
B-Camera Operator: Doug Porter
Second Assistant Cameraman: Steve Doyle
Camera Production Assistant: Nolwen Cifuentes
Key Grip: Tom Whitehead
Best Boy Grip: Matthew Lim
Grip: Ivan Acero
Digital Imaging Technician: Claire Fulton
Video Playback Operator: Kai Morrison
Gaffer: Brandon Musselman
Swing: Kevin Scaggs
Post Production: Josh Falcon for Bonch
Colourist: Kevin Kim
Editor's Assistant: Anna Gerstenfeld
After Effects Artist: Matt Detisch
Photographer's Assistant: David English
Music Supervision: Pitch & Sync
Stylist: Tracey Nicholson
Hair: Tony Chavez for Tracey Mattingly
Make-Up: Lisa Storey for The Wall Group
Styling Assistants: Camila Dominique Jimenez, Timothy Chernyaev & Ali Raizin
Hair Assistant: Mateo Sifuentes
Make-Up Assistants: Megumi Asai & Hinako Nishiguchi
Seamstresses: Lauren Bradley & Caroline Flach
Executive Producer: Marcus Ray
Executive Producer: Eddy Moretti
Executive Producer: Shane Smith
Executive Producer: Suroosh Alvi
Executive Producer: Andrew Creighton
Global Head of Video: Danielle Bennison-Brown
Video Commissioner: Jack Robinson
Special thanks to Diesel, i-D, Bloc Agency, Connect The Dots, Bonch & all our incredible dancers and their managers