みなさん、おはようございます。教科書の第3章と4章を開いてください。ロシア語の入門です。ダニエル・ブレアトンが監督し、ステラ・グリーンスパンがスタイリングをした今回のmodel mother tongueでは、お茶目で美人、自らも本の虫と認めるナスチャ・ステンがロシア語をレクチャーします。

by i-D Team
22 April 2016, 8:35am


Director Daniel Brereton
Director of Photography David Raboy
Production Designer Andrew Keck
Production Manager Alexandra Pitz
Assistant Director Danny Dewes
Assistant Camera Rosie Duke
Gaffer Greg Antonopoulos
Sound Mixer Andrew Yip
Sound Designer Henry Law
Digital Imaging Technician Dusty Nakao-Haider
Colourist Jack McGinity
Editor Tom Chick
Art PA LJ D'Arpa
Production Assistant Will Hollis
Interns Vanna Pilgrim, Stephanie Kelly
Executive Producer Eddy Moretti
Executive Producer Shane Smith
Executive Producer Suroosh Alvi
Executive Producer Andrew Creighton
Global Head of Video Danielle Bennison-Brown
Senior Video Commissioning Editor Jack Robinson
Managing Producer Susan Hootstein
Stylist Stella Greenspan
Casting Director Angus Munro
Hair Conrad Dornan at Art Department
Make-up Deanna Melluso
Styling Assistant Arizona Williams
Model Nastya Sten at The Society
Special thanks to The Society Management, Cheri Bowen.