The Rockers - i-D thanks John Stewart for his help

ニック・ナイト はじめての撮影


by i-D Team
12 December 2017, 11:56am

The Rockers - i-D thanks John Stewart for his help

The Mods - i-D thanks Russell from Britannia News.

The Skin Heads - i-D thanks Jim Ferguson for his help and advice and thanks to Brian from Artificial Eye.

The Teddy Boys - i-D thanks Jerry Vincent for his help.

The Punks - i-D thanks Simon and Hazel for Boy.


Photography Nick Knight
Styling and coordination by Simon Foxton
Assisted by Andy Knight and Charlotte Wheeler
Hair by Wendy from Smile
Make-up Lynne Easton for Creative Workforce
Location Lipstick Studios, London
i-D thanks Rogar and Comtemporary Wardrobe for their help and guidance with this project.
[The Drama Issue, no. 39, August 1986]

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