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Brutta roba San Valentino da single. Consoliamoci così.

di i-D Staff
13 febbraio 2018, 5:45pm

Photography Matt Jones. Styling Kate Young.

Ryan Gosling - The Together Issue, No. 216, January 02

Photography Todd Cole. Styling Turner.

Ashton Sanders - The Big Issue, No. 346, 16

Photography Kevin Davies. Styling Caryn Franklin.

Rachel Weisz - The Boys Own Issue, No. 51, September 87

Photography Matt Jones

Robert Pattinson - The Resourceful Issue, No. 299, May 09

Photography Ellen von Unwerth. Styling Joe McKenna.

Drew Barrymore - The Pin-Up Issue, No. 138, March 95

Photography Matt Jones. Styling Carlos Nazario.

Zoe Kravitz - The New Luxury Issue, No. 342, 16

Photography Boo George. Styling Max Pearmain.

Jack O'Connell - The P.Y.T. Issue, No. 302, Pre-Fall 09

Photography Steven Klein

Lil' Kim - The Hotel Issue No. 196, April 2000

Photography Matt Jones

Michael Pitt - The Name Issue, No. 258, September 05

Photography Robert Erdmann

Kylie Minogue - The Love Life Issue, No. 90, March 91

LL Cool J - The Happy Issue, No.54, December 1987

Photography Ellen Stagg

Scarlett Johansson - The Popular Issue, No. 214, October 01

Photography Columbine Goldsmith. Styling Djuna Bel.

Jaden Smith - The What Is Love? Issue, no. 333, Fall 2014

Photography Matt Jones

Stephen Dorff - The F.U.N Issue, No. 301, Summer 09

Photography Craig McDean. Styling Edward Enninful.

PJ Harvey, The Fun & Games Issue, No.114, September 1995

Photography Matt Jones. Styling Jennifer Johnson.

Emile Hirsch - The Nationality Issue, No. 259, October 05

Photography Lorenzo Agius

Kate Winslet - The Hot Issue, No. 165, June 97

Photography Alex Hoerner

Orlando Bloom - The Together Issue, No. 216, January 02

Sasha Lane - The Big Issue, No. 346, 16

Photography Matt Jones. Styling Kate Young.

Liv Tyler - The Together Issue, No. 216, January 02

Photography Matt Jones. Styling Cher Coulter.

Jared Leto - The Masculine Issue, No. 251, February 05

Photography Matt Jones. Styling George Kotsiopoulos.

Rose McGowan - The Out of the Blue Issue. No. 277, June 07

Photography Matthias

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The Scratch & Sniff Issue, No. 266, May 06

Photography Alasdair McLellan

Danny Dyer - The Tissue Issue, No. 275, April 07

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