meet the coolest kids from tokyo, straight up!

Open your ears to the voices that get washed away in the hustle and bustle of present day Tokyo. You may find what you were looking for.
i-D Staff

maria grazia chiuri reaffirms her dream of global femininity for dior in tokyo

The creative director of the French house presented a capsule collection that combined the strength of tradition with the energy of modernity.
Tess Lochanski

yoon on the evolution of the ambush universe

We caught up with the woman behind one of Tokyo's favorite fashion institutions to talk about taking over the style world.
Courtney DeWitt

juergen teller wants you to enjoy your life

As a new exhibition in Berlin explores the private life of the German photographer, i-D Germany caught up with the curator to talk about the reasons behind his success.
Juule Kay

dior homme takes tokyo with its first-ever mid-season show

Marking the launch of the Ginza Six store in Tokyo, last night Kris Van Assche staged Dior Homme’s first mid-season show in a huge event in the Japanese capital.
Anders Christian Madsen

maria grazia chiuri extends her dior haute couture collection in tokyo

Eight new looks were added to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first haute couture collection for Dior as the designer took her show to Tokyo for the opening of Ginza Six on Wednesday evening.
Anders Christian Madsen

this is tokyo, straight up

No matter which trends come and go, Tokyo's kids are always in style. Meet the latest generation shaping the city's eternally cool look.
Isabelle Hellyer

why juergen teller is working with students

As the photographer's new show creates a stir in Tokyo, i-D Japan caught up with Juergen to talk about what's driving him to work with the next gen (and it's not just because they call him Professor Teller).
Nozomi Kinoshita

​drifting through tokyo with ami sioux

Ami Sioux documented Tokyo by asking 50 friends to draw a map of a place in the city that was important to them, and photographing what she found there.
Felix Petty

​a guide to the new tokyo underground

As part of its latest exhibition, Japanese art collective Chim↑Pom gathered some of Tokyo’s most off-beat performers together and set them loose on the city. Virtually unknown overseas, here are the gritty talents hidden under Tokyo’s surface.
Ashley Clarke

gucci is creating a brand new world in japan

The Italian fashion house asked four artists to interpret the fantastic and fanciful universe of Alessandro Michele's Gucci. As the 'Gucci 4 Rooms' exhibition opens in Tokyo, i-D meets the artists involved to talk about kitsch aesthetics, luxury, and...
Tess Lochanski

a new tokyo story

Tokyo, 2016. Today’s youth face a staggering range of choices every day, but one thing that they have in common is their decision to lead lives free from the restraints of preconceived notions. With their diversified attitudes towards sexuality...
VICE Staff