Think Pieces

Think Pieces

how to look after your mental health on blue monday (and the rest of the year)

Winter doesn’t have to be cruel.
Roisin Lanigan
2 days ago
Think Pieces

why dry january won't solve our problem with binge drinking

Now the festivities are over the #newyearnewme bandwagon is here with over 4 million of us committing to a sober January. But what good does it do when we get back on the booze?
Lily Rose Thomas

jeff goldblum and the daddy problem

Jeff Goldblum's omnipresence as our empirical Daddy of the year is proof, if proof needs be, that the entire planet is on the huh.
Josh Baines

is there such a thing as too woke?

It's been quite a week of hot-takes.
Jake Hall

how diversity in fashion became about democracy

Knowledge of your taste is more valuable than ever before, and not just to those who want to sell you products, but to those who want to sell you ideas.
Clementine de Pressigny

shawn mendes has a point – we need to stop policing male femininity

Our knowledge of gender and sexuality is expanding at breakneck speed, but the Mendes memes prove we still have rigid ideas of what it means to be masculine or to act gay.
Jake Hall

second generation designers are shaping the future of the british fashion industry

Fashion journalist Osman Ahmed celebrates a new generation of young designers from multi-cultural backgrounds who are redefining and reimagining what British fashion means today.
Osman Ahmed

'the simple life' was an accidentally brilliant reflection on america's political divide

15 years ago, Paris and Nicole illuminated the festering culture wars before Trump brought it all to the surface.
Cassidy George

what is digital clothing?

Exploring whether this is a potential answer to Instagram-inspired over-consumption, or just a gimmick.
Jake Hall

why can’t pop culture portray the period?

It's a vitally important narrative to normalize.
Laura Winnick

white girls reinventing themselves as black women on instagram has to stop

As a recent Twitter storm brought attention to social media blackface, Emma Dabiri looks at the cultural history of this racist practice and its links to black women being perceived as sexually available.
Emma Dabiri
the earthwise issue

what is the answer to fashion's waste problem?

As Burberry, Stella McCartney, and H&M pledge to help eliminate plastic pollution, we look back to The Earthwise Issue, in which Osman Ahmed asked: How can fashion find a new route to sustainability?
Osman Ahmed