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transphobia is alive and well both in and outside the queer community

More cisgender queer people need to oppose transphobia, urgently.
James Greig
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the hidden meaning behind what politicians wear

Whether it's Bernie Sanders's oversized suits or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's hoop earrings, their sartorial choices represent more than just personal style.
Madeleine Janz
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portraits of hong kong's young protestors

Hong Kong photographer Eric has been documenting what the city's young people wear to protest – from face masks and goggles to plastic-wrapping.
Aki Okuda

when your body is treated by men as if it's a house to be lived in

Read an extract from 'Soft Fruit in the Sun' by Oliver Zarandi, a new anthology best described as 'tender body-horror'.
Oliver Zarandi

how butch/femme subcultures allow gay women to thrive

Whether reclaiming femininity from the male gaze or rejecting feminine gender norms by embracing butch, the subculture is intrinsically radical: it empowers lesbians to renounce patriarchal standards of beauty.
Megan Christopher
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vsco girl culture is actually just lesbian culture

As a queer woman, the first thing I thought of when I saw the trend was that it’s very, very gay.
Rachel Charlene Lewis

do our post-breakup coping techniques actually help?

Throwing ourselves into exercise, sex, astrology and our jobs may seem like the best course of action, but some say they can do more harm than good.
James Greig

how do you tell the difference between gaslighting and just being a dick?

A look at the complicated grey area between the two.
James Greig
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a look back at jennifer lopez's career firsts

From being the first Latina actress to earn a $1 million payday to inspiring the creation of Google Images.
Bianca Betancourt
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'midsommar' is terrifying because it defies traditional horror tropes

Ari Aster's sophomore film trades bumps in the night for ever-present dread, something we know all too well.
Samuel Allan
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why pop music is getting more queer

"Every time we see a push to the right politically — as we are seeing across the globe right now — it is preceded by a period of liberty, of advancement in civil rights, and of freedom of expression."
Ilana Kaplan

what the moby/natalie portman drama says about gender power dynamics

And the wider male insistence on beauty (and youth) being a form of power used over them.
Marie Le Conte