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why are we so bad at breaking up with people?

i-D explores the lack of authenticity and directness when it comes to dating and breaking up with people today.
Sara Radin

what's your side-hustle really costing you?

9 to 5 isn’t enough anymore: it’s 9 to 5 to midnight now. Anything less, and we start to feel an insidious sense of guilt.
Emily Reynolds
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the feminist comedians dismantling sexist ‘jokes’

From Hannah Gadsby to Ali Wong, a distinct wave of smart female comics are poking fun at the old guard of comedy and starting from scratch.
El Hunt
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are we pushing horror film actors too far?

Actors are putting their mental health at risk for movies that push the boundaries of fear.
Emily Kirkpatrick
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why can't black men be twinks?

From Timothée Chalamet to Troye Sivan, twinkness and whiteness seem to be closely related.
André-Naquian Wheeler
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our love for pop diva feuds is deeply sexist

From Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry – why do we love to watch women fight with each other?
André-Naquian Wheeler
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the problem with ryan murphy's ‘consent’

No, you should not make a fictionalized show about the #MeToo movement.
Emily Kirkpatrick
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the 'tired spongebob' meme captures our cultural exhaustion

Why is ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ so damn memeable?
André-Naquian Wheeler
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this lgbtq facebook group is attacking grindr racism (and me)

Why Grindr Aesthetics is both a positive and negative addition to the LGBTQ community.
André-Naquian Wheeler
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'love, simon' captures the power of online anonymity for queer teens

In light of Craigslist's "personals" section closing, a look at the role online chatrooms, messages, and sex ads play in the queer coming-of-age story.
Adam White

march for our lives showed me why we should listen to the kids

“This march is not the end of anything, it’s the beginning of a revolution.”
Erica Euse
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what can we learn from 'drag race all stars 3'?

Last night, Trixie Mattel snatched the 'All Stars 3' crown. But the season didn’t always snatch my proverbial wig.
Emily Manning