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our favorite music moments of 2015 (and what we can't wait to hear in 2016)

We talk to musicians, designers, creatives, and the i-D crew about what they had on repeat this year and who they’re most looking forward to hearing more of in 2016…
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

2015 the year... size mattered

From BMI to “beach body ready,” this was the year we got real about representation.
Emily Manning

2015 the year... hollywood got real about sexism

We explore how film’s brightest stars worked to change their industry’s deeply entrenched misogyny, from Patricia Arquette’s Oscars acceptance speech to the triumph of ‘Carol’s complex characters.
Emily Manning
Think Pieces

2015 the year of... sad girls and sad boys

Everyone from Drake to Angela Merkel to the man listening to Adele on the subway next to you cried this year. Why did we all have so many feels?
Alice Newell-Hanson

​2015 the year of... caitlyn jenner

If anyone had told us last year that Bruce Jenner would the make most serious pop cultural waves of anyone in 2015, we wouldn’t have believed them. But then, he didn’t. Caitlyn Jenner did.
Anders Christian Madsen
Think Pieces

2014 the year of... internet fashion subcultures

From Normcore to Health Goth, 2014 was the year that fashion’s subcultures started taking their cues from the net instead of the street.
Felix Petty
Think Pieces

2014, the year of… transgender visibility

​You’d have to have been living under a rock to have missed the explosion of transgender voices in public life this past year. Seriously. From Janet Mock’s explosive interview with Piers Morgan in the States, to Kellie Maloney’s very public transition...
Paris Lees
Think Pieces

2014, the year of... anna ewers, the new brigitte bardot

Following in the footsteps of Claudia Schiffer and Lara Stone, 2014 was the year the fashion world welcomed its latest baby Bardot, Anna Ewers, the model storming the runways and bringing all the boys to her yard with a sultry date in the Pirelli...
Felicity Kinsella
Think Pieces

2014, the year of... instagram

Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, snap it, work it, quick - upload it. 2014 has been a coming of age year for Instagram that has seen it usurp Twitter and break news, fuel movements and cultivate calls for change in a haze of hashtags.
Steve Salter
Think Pieces

2014, the year of... wearable technology

We wear our hearts on our sleeves, but what about our hard drives? From fibre optic dresses at Fashion Week to entire 3D-printed collections, i-D investigates why 2014 was the year of wearable technology.
Emily Manning
Think Pieces

2014, the year of...the comeback

​Just like Taylor Swift’s love life, some things in life never stay the same. Particularly when it comes to all things à la mode. And 2014 seems to be no different. Whether it’s Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Hailey and Ireland Baldwin, Willow and Jayden...
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

2014, the year... the post internet art world went mainstream

2014 felt like a watershed year for art, when the new global underground went mainstream and began to sweep away the old guard of the YBAs and post-internet art finally cracked the market.
Felix Petty