The Radical Issue

The Radical Issue

artist paul maheke on the invisibility and hyper-visibility of being a queer person of color

The London-based artist discusses the importance of creating work that goes beyond representation.
Clementine de Pressigny
The Radical Issue

laurie anderson is the original radical american artist

She even made a concert for dogs.
Charlotte Gush

andre walker is fashion's most independent spirit

"The world isn’t just here for us to look fabulous."
Steve Salter

urara tsuchiya is the most surreal ceramicist you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing

Spanning a number of different disciplines -- ceramics, performance, video, costume -- Urara's work reifies the absurdities of human life and nature with a unique and droll charm.
Ryan White
The Radical Issue

no bra, no problems

The trailblazing queer performer had made a space for herself and others in the arts community.
Hanna Hanra

nigerian artist toyin ojih odutola paints radically soft visions of black wealth

Her work has been collected by Solange and shown at the Whitney Museum.
André-Naquian Wheeler
The Radical Issue

you have to see the films of artist charlotte prodger

Her singular take on time, existence, and queerness mark her as one of the most radical of her generation.
Charlie Porter
The Radical Issue

darja bajagić's art is difficult to look at and difficult to look away from

Sex, death, violence, pornography, desire, fear, and voyeurism all take center stage in this artist’s practice.
Felix Petty

jimmy merris says forget the art, the world is in trouble

After a short stint in Snowdonia, Jimmy is back in south London — working out of a funeral parlor and creating uniquely sinister yet humorous work.
Ryan White
The Radical Issue

the phantasmagoric world of artist kris lemsalu and her monkey skull named erik

Estonian multi-disciplinary artist Kris Lemsalu creates sculptures and performances that playfully dance along the lines of humanity and mortality.
Ryan White

lubaina himid isn’t proud to be the first black woman to win the turner prize

She thinks it’s a disgrace someone didn’t win earlier.
Felix Petty

why we need to radically rethink the power structures of the art world

Kimberly Drew is an art world activist who works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and uses social media to give visibility to artists under-represented by institutions.
Kimberly Drew