The Female Gaze Issue


open-hearted (and underwater) with michèle lamy

Artist, shaman, businesswoman: trying to define Michèle Lamy remains impossible, and perhaps it would not be fair or respectful to do so.
Gloria Maria Cappelletti

fashion industry icons share their experiences and advice for the next generation

With fashion week around the corner, we asked the best in the business their top modeling tips for the fresh new faces about to take the world’s catwalk by storm.
i-D Staff

belles of the ball: meet london's female drag queens

A new wave of female drag queens is breaking apart the gender binary all over again. Princess Julia meets the queens of the scene.
Princess Julia
Think Pieces

everything is political: maxine peake on changing the world

Acclaimed stage and screen actress, Maxine Peake, argues that the people must be united — and less self involved — in order to effect real change. Peake, 43, also celebrates the modern family – those who choose not to have children but are just as...
i-D Staff

paloma elsesser is all about being the best version of yourself

Beautiful, intelligent, and funny, Paloma Elsesser is the model winning over the industry simply by being herself.
Tish Weinstock

lynsey addario's photography has changed the way we see the world

​Award-winning American photojournalist Lynsey Addario has survived being kidnapped twice and held at gunpoint three times to report on the human cost of war, and the unique experiences of women.
Charlotte Gush

oh stop, you’re making me blush: meeting chanel's lucia pica

A year and a half in the making, Lucia Pica’s debut collection for Chanel, Le Rouge Collection N°1, is a modern love letter to the color red.
Holly Shackleton

family jewels: meeting gaia repossi

The first female designer to run her family’s century-old jewelry house, Gaia Repossi says women know what women want.
Anders Christian Madsen

where my girls at?

Holding up her unfiltered lens to the industry's biggest models, Cass Bird captures the spirit of sisterhood in this raw and natural shoot on the streets of NYC.
i-D Staff

my mother, my self: meeting lena dunham and laurie simmons

Lena Dunham and her artist mother, Laurie Simmons, both explore themes of femininity, sexuality and the role of women through their work. Here the mother and daughter reflect on their shared passion for politics and a love that knows no bounds.
Emily Manning

in conversation with collier schorr

​“I don’t think a new picture will be made by a man in my lifetime. It’s not that men don’t make good pictures, but they’ve been making pictures for so long that I think we might have seen all the pictures they might make — until the world changes...
Anders Christian Madsen

she's electric: hillier bartley captures the elusive attitude of femininity right now

Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley are two of fashion's most astute female voices, with their entry onto the fashion scene in the late 90s as Hillier Bartley paving the way for a generation of female designers in a previously male-dominated industry.
Anders Christian Madsen