tbt: corinne day captures a less gentrified london

Hop onto the Jubilee Line as we throwback on 2001, when Corinne Day and Panos Yiapanis's shot London in all its graffitied, pierced glory for The Renaissance Issue, no. 207
i-D Staff

tbt: what did london street style look like 30 years ago?

We throwback 30 years to The Comic Issue, and remind ourselves that London's inimitable style has always been red hot. "Availability, accessibility, and adaptability! Let us run this past you: street-smart and cost-conscious with the reek of chic... In...
i-D Staff

purple reign: #tbt to 2010, when i-D met olivier zahm

Olivier Zahm is the leather jacket wearing, motorbike riding, and lady loving publisher, Editor-in-Chief, and Creative Director of the brilliant biannual, Purple Fashion Magazine.
i-D Staff

#tbt: when i-D celebrated london's bright young creatives of 1984

While our newest issue (The Creativity Issue) explores the unrivaled imagination currently bubbling in London, we thought it was only right to throwback to the best of London's past. Featuring Bazooka, Bodmap, Ray Petri, and Caroline Baker, these were...
i-D Staff

tbt: a 13-year-old frances bean cobain talks harry potter, fashion, and famous moms

Artist, model, musician, and now muse to Marc Jacobs, France Bean Cobain is steadily carving a name for herself outside of her parent’s gargantuan shadows. But she was always going to, right? Much more than just the daughter of incredibly famous...
Paul Flynn

#tbt with anna cleveland and mom pat

With Anna Cleveland's star on the ascent, we throw back to her debut appearance on the pages of i-D, in 2005's The Feminine Issue, alongside her model mom Pat Cleveland.
i-D Staff

rewind to the moment dover street market landed in london and rewrote the rules of retail

As Dover Street Market moves to a new home, we throwback to our archive feature celebrating its opening in 2004.
Josh Sims

​kim kardashian posts #tbt snap of herself as posh spice, victoria beckham approves

Kim says 'the Spice Girls got me through a lot' in a special Thankgiving-themed #ThrowbackThursday.
Nick Levine

lara stone: when you see her, say a prayer and kiss your heart goodbye

Lara Stone's the girl that guys want to be with and girls want to be, as she sizzles on the cover of The 35th Birthday Issue and scorches across the streets of East London in our latest film, we throwback to her interview in The God's Gift Issue...
i-D Staff

the argument for nostalgia: you've got to look back to go forward

In a season that saw designers paying tribute to a world long gone, are we too eager about the future of fashion to remember how we even made it to the present? Anders Christian Madsen argues the case for nostalgia.
Anders Christian Madsen