Studio 54


halpern shared a love letter to the women of the sexual revolution

Radical silhouette shifts meet Studio 54 dance floor abandon at US-born, London-based Michael Halpern's show on Sunday.
Steve Salter

a lesson on beauty with pat cleveland

The world’s first black supermodel and legendary Studio 54 pin-up reflects on the changing face of makeup and the problem with diversity in fashion.
Pat Cleveland

the 10 best films about clubbing

Kickstart your weekend with this playlist of feature films and documentaries that celebrate clubbing in all its excess.
Colin Crummy

i-Cons: calvin klein

In a nation marked by change, one name emerged to become a constant figure in American fashion for over four decades. From the sexual energy of his Studio 54 days to his iconic campaigns with Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber and, of course, Kate Moss, this...
i-D Staff

warhol superstar holly woodlawn came from miami, fla...

Holly Woodlawn was one third of Andy Warhol’s gender bending triumvirate alongside cabaret playwright Jackie Curtis and aspiring actress Candy Darling. Without them Paul Morrissey’s Women In Revolt could have been a drab movie making superfluous...
Sarah Hay

opening andy warhol's time capsules

It’s all happening! Tonight, one of Andy Warhol’s storied Time Capsules will be opened at the recently renovated Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. From 1974 until his death, America’s most famous Pop artist filled cardboard boxes with the ephemera of daily...
i-D Team

warhol superstar joe dallessandro never once gave it away...

Drag queens, studs, hustlers, popstars, superstars, heiresses, artists, art tits; anything went at Andy Warhol’s Factory and as today marks the day one of his fabled Time Capsules is opened at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, we remember the original...
i-D Team