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addison timlin is the spellbinding star of a horror film about youtube culture

Timlin stars as a click-hungry teen in the eerily prescient thriller 'Like Me.' The 26-year-old actor talks to i-D about social media obsession, holding up convenience stores, and her next role: playing a young Hillary Clinton.
Hannah Ongley

selena gomez opens up about loneliness, fame, and social media

“I feel like I know everybody but I have no friends.”
Roisin Lanigan

inside insta jeanieus - fashion’s favorite follow talks us through her feed

When she’s not styling for the likes of i-D, Nylon, Topshop, Polydor, Phiney Pet, and her very own Moodboard, Jeanie Annan Lewin is sharing fashion treasure, cultural trash, and mindful meditations. Follow her lead and take a scroll with us...
Steve Salter
Think Pieces

why does cleaning up your social media feel so dirty?

The new age of self-editing online.
Erica Euse
Think Pieces

follow your instincts, not your instagram

Have we lost ourselves to our online personalities? Is it time to reconnect with the "now" and follow our gut instinct? Writer and psychotherapist-in-training Namalee Bolle says so.
Namalee Bolle

social media is helping us talk about mental health, says study

77% said of young people say it's easier to find personal stories and advice online than in-person.
Hannah Ongley
Think Pieces

teens are live-streaming their suicides at an alarming rate

And Silicon Valley executives need to step up.
Erica Euse

kyemah mcentyre's journey from viral prom star to visionary designer

The rising designer has a love/hate relationship with social media, which makes her all the more relatable.
Mattie Kahn

a girl’s guide to loneliness

Stop letting ‘like’ culture exploit you, celebrate your vulnerable side, and spend some time alone. Here’s how.
Bertie Brandes

how women's naked selfies have become commercialized and commodified

Instagram influencers have started to replace traditional models on catwalks and in campaigns. But even with “personalities” en vogue, are we really making progress towards diversifying our beauty standards online? BabyFace co-founder Nellie Eden...
Nellie Eden

researchers have discovered which social media platform is the worst for your mental health

It’s official, Instagram is making you feel terrible.
Wendy Syfret
Think Pieces

a girl’s guide to surviving social media after a break-up

Imagine bumping into your ex, your ex’s ex, and your ex’s new partner every hour for the rest of your life. Fun fact: you already are!
Bertie Brandes