inside the world of the internet meta-celebrities you've never heard of

Make a living from spilling the tea on YouTube.
Sirena Bergman

what we can learn about the cult of insta-influencers from lil miquela

Lil Miquela might not be real, but she’s no more fake than everyone else online.
Felix Petty

​kerry washington gives rousing freedom speech at lgbt award ceremony

The Scandal actress picked up a prize at the GLAAD Awards and addressed human rights across the board.
Stuart Brumfitt

elton john vs. dolce & gabbana

The British singer and lover of funky eyewear has taken on the Italian fashion duo after their remarks about baby making.
i-D Team
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

2014, the year of... fashion scandal

This was the year in which Kendall Jenner had her eyebrows bleached away for the Givenchy show and became such an overnight sensation that the other models turned on her like evil stepsisters, telling tales on her, making faces at her, even putting out...
Dean Kissick
Think Pieces

why the hacked J-Law photos are another example of the sexism women face in their daily lives

i-D Executive Fashion Director Ger Tierney discusses how for many women their intellect, wit and opinions are still over shadowed by the fact that they’ve got boobs.
Ger Tierney
Think Pieces

what does the j-law nudes scandal say about us?

An anonymous hacker and his accomplice – a self-proclaimed “collector” of nudes – have caused a scandal by allegedly hacking into Apple’s clouds of private information and stealing compromising photographs of 101 of the world’s most desired young women...
Dean Kissick