Rape Culture


asking for it? donna karan’s defence of harvey weinstein sounds like rape culture

Meryl Streep rightly called his behaviour “inexcusable”, but the former DKNY designer (who has since apologised) seemed to make the same dangerous — and false — excuses that often stop sexual assault victims from getting justice.
Charlotte Gush

why high-profile rape cases have made it hard for victims to come forward

Recent cases have proven how far we have to go in tackling the pervasiveness of rape culture in society, especially in the age of trial by social media, where women can feel scared to talk out about their ordeals.
Niloufar Haidari

the chris brown documentary promises to be a study in self-delusion

In 'Welcome To My Life' the singer looks for sympathy and understanding over his troubling history of violence and misogyny.
Wendy Syfret

best coast calls out chris brown for perpetuating rape culture

The singer tweets that singing about breaking into a woman’s house and waking her up with sex is not okay — yet, ‘Back to Sleep’ is still topping the charts.
Blair Cannon

from anti rape cloaks to page 3 models sarah maple’s art will shock you

Ahead of her forthcoming exhibition, I Disagree With What You Say, we catch up with the artist to talk sex, race, and what it means to be a woman.
Tish Weinstock

the fearless funny women of comedy tackle sexual violence

How comedians like Margaret Cho and Jessie Kahnweiler are helping women speak out about abuse.
Jane Helpern