these nostalgic still lifes capture the crushed sporting dreams of teen girls

Alice Hutchison and Ilona Savchenko's 'Trophy Girl' explores the underrepresentation of women in sport and the aspirations of teenage girls that fall by the wayside.
Nick Fulton
4 days ago

'fuck boy investigation' explores latin masculinity

Hernán Kael's photos of everyday boys use makeup and urban art to challenge the parameters of masculine beauty.
Diego Menchaca
4 days ago

these portraits show the youth of santiago, chile

'Bacanes' is a photographic project documenting the streets of the Chilean capital.
Cheryl Santos
4 days ago

ib kamara’s 'soft criminal' is a tribute to creative africa

The i-D Fashion Editor at Large talks us through his exhibition at Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn.
Pierre A. M'Pelé​
4 days ago

a wildlife photographer captured amsterdam fashion week's fiercest show

We followed photographer and wildlife enthusiast Floris Leeuwenberg at Ninamounah's spring/summer 19 show, as he captured the models in their natural habitat.
Tim Fraanje

stephanie pfriender stylander photographed the restless spirit of the 90s

The fashion photographer's evocative new monograph reveals a young Heath Ledger and a virtually unknown Kate Moss.
Sarah Moroz

mario sorrenti shares 50 unseen portraits of ex-girlfriend, kate moss

These pictures would go on to inspire the Calvin Klein Obsession campaign that catapulted both photographer and model to superstardom.
Holly Shackleton

photography that explores coming of age in japan by francesca allen

Francesca Allen's new photo book 'AYA' documents a blossoming friendship with Japanese musician Aya Gloomy that traverses language barriers and warms the heart.
Frankie Dunn

'fanzine' captures the raw spirit of l.a. youth

In photographer Brad Elterman's new zine, 70s rock stars and super groupies get down with Cherry Glazerr and Starcrawler.
Hannah Ongley

artist richard bernstein was the original starmaker

Talking to the authors of 'Richard Bernstein: Starmaker,' the definitive book about the ‘Interview’ magazine legend.
Jack Sunnucks

this body positive photo series is a response to social media anxiety

Ben Simpson focuses on what people really look like, outside of perceived digital perfection.
John Buckley
the futurewise issue

harley weir: plastic is not fantastic

British photographer Harley Weir began documenting the plastic waste around her in 2015. By posting the images she takes on her Instagram account with the hashtag #plasticneverdies, she hopes to raise awareness of the rubbish that’s destroying our world.
i-D Staff