Pam Hogg


when hogg met harry

With a friendship spanning several decades, one of post-punk's favorite designers, Pam Hogg, and Blondie's Debbie Harry sat down for a candid conversation. Taken from The Fifth Sense, a partnership with Chanel.
Hanna Hanra

london's female designers shaping the industry: part one

London has the highest number of female designers in fashion, with women leading the charge at some of the most successful and forward-thinking fashion houses in the world. As London Fashion Week kicks off, we team with Sarah Mower, MBE, to ask the...
VICE Staff

​'absolutely fabulous: the movie' is jam-packed with fashion cameos

From Kate Moss and Jourdan Dunn to Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella McCartney, expect to see all your favorite fashion faces.
Lula Ososki

capturing the super freaks of london's colorful clubland

London's club kids have been running amok in the capital since the 80s, leaving splashes of color and glitter in their wake. Photojournalist Alex Gerry has captured three decades of the most vibrant of the city's nightlife
Lula Ososki

​#aboutlastnight at the i-D moschino mansion

Jeremy Scott, A$AP Rocky and Lindsay Lohan partied hard with a crowd of i-D’s favourite nightlife stars, models, fashion designers and musicians.
i-D Staff

what was your girlhood like?

To coincide with the release of The Girls + Boys Issue, Pre-Fall 14, we dedicated last week entirely to the boys, but this week is all girls, girls, girls! From the kids who grew up as tomboys to those who wanted to be glamour pusses, the golden girls...
Felicity Kinsella

disco smack are the DJ duo loved by everyone from Riccardo Tisci to Miley Cyrus to Kate Moss

Take two boys with a love of disco music, add some major individual dress sense and an attitude that makes any party the place to be and what have you got...? The extraordinary DJ duo Disco Smack that's what!
Princess Julia

happy birthday vivienne westwood, leader of the climate revolution, queen of british fashion, godmother of punk!

As fashion icon and fearless campaigner, Dame Vivienne Westwood, celebrates her 73rd birthday, we ask her friends, admirers, muses and colleagues to pour out their love for her... Happy birthday Viv! x
i-D Team

what is teamwork in fashion?

And what makes a successful team when working on a show or shoot? We asked a handful of our favourite fashion designers, PRs, make-up artists, stylists and nail technicians.
Holly Shackleton