skateboarder alexis sablone on her history-making career

As a member of the inaugural US Olympic skateboarding team she continues her efforts to bring more visibility to female skaters.
Ariana Marsh

every body type is permitted in marni’s collaged olympic games

Only Marni’s madcap creative director Francesco Risso could have the frow working out their core muscles on bouncing exercise balls as he presented his imagined Olympics for imperfect athletes.
Steve Salter

how gender is shaping the 2016 olympic games

Gender has been the subject on everybody’s lips this year. Here are five ways the conversation is changing the Rio 2016 Olympics — from Lea T’s history-making opening ceremony appearance to the phasing out of the controversial gender-testing practice.
Hannah Ongley

​gisele to play important role at the 2016 olympics

The Brazilian model will reportedly be hosting the opening ceremony at the Maracana Stadium on August 5.
Tish Weinstock

caitlyn jenner will reportedly pose nude in her olympic gold medal

The 'Sports Illustrated' cover — marking the 40th anniversary of the Montreal Summer Games — would be the first time Jenner has posed with her medal post-transition.
Hannah Ongley

will 2016 be the year of trans olympians?

New guidelines mean athletes can compete without having to undergoing gender reassignment surgery.
Alice Newell-Hanson

meet bction, the japanese collective taking over buildings in tokyo for the sake of art

Just as B comes after A, BCTION comes after ACTION. Taking the butterfly effect of any cultural phenomenon as their focal point, last week Japanese art collective BCTION saw over 70 young artists convert an abandoned office, located in Tokyo’s business...
Tish Weinstock

underworld's karl hyde shares the records that changed his life

They soundtracked an Olympic opening ceremony, scored one of the most famous cult films in British Cinema and wrote what is arguably the most important anthem in dance music history. You might think you don’t know who Underworld are, but we promise you...
James Hutchins

body architect lucy mcrae is going to grow babies in space

Full of contagious energy, Lucy McRae is the kind of person you want to be friends with. She looks almost angelic in her all white dress-meets-labcoat as she explains the project she’s presenting at the London Design Festival and hands us a pale pink...
Francesca Dunn