Olly Alexander

Think Pieces

when did we start referring to ourselves as queer?

The history of the word queer takes in everything from Oscar Wilde, to the Stonewall Riots, to reality TV.
Yusuf Tamanna

olly alexander has an epic response to ‘heterosexual pride’

And an ingenious butt plug idea.
Hannah Ongley

the complicated politics of the twink

If we really have entered the Age of the Twink, we need to understand the pain the twink body has endured and the pain it helps to perpetuate.
Brian O'Flynn

olly alexander to release documentary on gay mental health

The film will be part of the BBC’s “Gay Britannia” lineup.
André-Naquian Wheeler

listen to olly alexander's heartbreaking cover of joni mitchell's 'both sides, now'

The Years & Years frontman and actual angel selected the song for CALM's Torch Songs initiative, which aims to prevent male suicide by celebrating the life-affirming power of music.
Hannah Ongley

ryan heffington choreographs olly alexander in new years & years video

Directed by Matt Lambert and choreographed by serial Sia collaborator Ryan Heffington, Olly Alexander is super-charged with magical queer energy in the just released music video for 'Worship.'
Francesca Dunn

years & years' olly alexander tells glastonbury to “shove a rainbow in fear’s face”

'I'm here, I'm queer and yes, sometimes I am afraid. But I am never ashamed.'
Matthew Whitehouse

years & years' olly alexander speaks out about body image issues

In a Facebook live event, the singer shared that he struggled with body image and eating issues from a young age.
Lula Ososki

olly alexander of years & years on his queer-positive new video

Take a look behind-the-scenes at Years & Years' 'Desire' video ft. Tove Lo, as we speak to lead singer Olly about the video, the realities of being a gay musician in 2016, and where the industry needs to go next.
Ryan White

six male musicians sound off on the female musicians that inspire them

To celebrate International Women's Day, we asked some of our favorite musical men to tell us all about the female artists -- past and present -- who provide them with eternal inspiration. Whose story does Stormzy understand? Who has caused Olly...
Francesca Dunn

​watch years & years’ glorious gender-queer pop video orgy

Frontman Olly Alexander has written an open letter explaining that, as an openly-gay pop star, he wants to celebrate sex that's inclusive of a diverse range of identities and sexualities.
Charlotte Gush

​olly alexander discusses mental distress and growing up gay "in a straight world"

Talking to Owen Jones about his experiences of mental health problems, the Years & Years frontman opens up about his battle with depression and anxiety, as well as the counseling and "cocktail of drugs" he has been prescribed to control it.
Ryan White