Nathalie Olah

Social Media

why #blacklivesmatter is the most important cause to come out of our social media driven world

The deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown might've focused attention on racism in the US, but we shouldn't ignore the problems we face here too.
Nathalie Olah

what's the future for london-based designers working in a globalized fashion industry?

Get off the internet and travel, explore the world and speak to people; in an increasingly global fashion world, young designers need to expand their horizons.
Nathalie Olah
Think Pieces

how we can make ​#IWD2015 work

International Women's Day should be a reminder of gender inequality rather than a chance to post trite motivational slogans.
Nathalie Olah

​take back the vote: why young people need to push their way back into politics

With a general election to come this year, Nathalie Olah examines the political landscape for young people in 2015.
Nathalie Olah
Think Pieces

on the joy of joan didion as the new face of céline

Exploring what makes Céline's Juergen Teller shot images of Joan Didion stand out.
Nathalie Olah

what is beauty in the age of technology?

It was easy to vilify the first wave of web vanity: the downward camera angles, the pouts, the filters. Yet this was little more than a free enterprising forerunner to Instagram’s full-blown Reaganism. A complex economy of concealed vanity, faux self...
Nathalie Olah

​MAXXI gallery and the future of contemporary art in rome

What is the purpose of an art gallery in 2014? That is the question being asked by Hou Hanru, the man tasked with reinventing Rome’s first contemporary art gallery.
Nathalie Olah

evaluating the middle east art scene

The Middle East has always produced seminal artists, but with the magical combination of a few key players, the scene is about to go interstellar.
Nathalie Olah
Justin Bieber

do we need a most influential teen?

The legend of Kardashian, continued by younger sisters Kendall and Kylie, who have just been named two of the most influential teenagers in the world by Time magazine.
Nathalie Olah

feminism isn’t the enemy of men, revenge porn is

After Emma Watson's rousing speech on feminism to the UN she was targeted by hoaxers pretending to have naked pictures of her. A shocking indictment on modern man? As Emma Watson said, feminism is the belief in equality, not a struggle between genders...
Nathalie Olah
Think Pieces

the post-apocalyptic landscape of spring/summer 15

A few weeks ago I wrote an article calling for an end to nostalgia. It was an attempt to encourage young minds to quit reblogging pics of Selma Blair and get on with urgent task of creating work that offers solutions to the problems we all face. To an...
Adam Fletcher
Think Pieces

the argument against nostalgia: let's push things forward

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, but you were too busy reblogging old pics of Kate Moss to notice. Nathalie Olah argues it’s time to put a stop to nostalgia and turn your eyes firmly on the future.
Nathalie Olah