munroe bergdorf

beauty week 2018

how instagram is redefining our understanding of beauty

From model Jazzelle Zanaughtti to trans activist Munroe Bergdorf, photographer Peter de Vito to designer Matty Bovan, we asked our i-D family how the social media platform is shaping the cultural conversation today.
Tish Weinstock

munroe bergdorf opens up about facial feminization

Ahead of the launch of her new Channel 4 special 'What Makes a Woman?' the trans activist reflects on the politics of facial feminization and the controversy surrounding her recent appearance on Channel 4’s 'Genderquake: The Debate.'
Amelia Abraham

gypsy sport's radical nyfw show starred munroe bergdorf and a 10-year-old drag star

Rio Uribe inducted some newer faces into the GS fam this season. Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf made her NYFW debut (in pink ombré hair) alongside pop prodigy Shamir and 'drag kid' Desmond.
Hannah Ongley

be good, be kind, be 2018

To round out the year, we asked a handful of people we were inspired by in 2017 to give us their advice for a good, kind, happy, empowered, strong, loud, and proud 2018. Here’s what they each had to say.
i-D Staff

munroe bergdorf is reminding you not to let others define you in 2018

Be yourself and love yourself. The model changed the game this year and wants you to do the same.
i-D Staff

why we need stronger lgbt+ representation in advertising

It’s probably not a massive shock that LGBT+ people are woefully under represented in advertising -- and then there’s the sad fact that the most complained about ad of 2016 was a builder in heels. So what’s being done to change this? We find out.
Greg French

munroe bergdorf criticizes nivea for advertising 'fairer skin' to african women

The model and activist is not happy about a new commercial for skin lightening cream.
André-Naquian Wheeler