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surfbort's dani miller is the friendly, burrito-puking queen of punk

Surfbort's wild new video is also deeply personal, alluding to Miller’s own struggles with addiction and mental health.
Georgia Graham
a day ago

most lgbtq people experience anxiety and depression, a study finds

One in eight have attempted suicide.
Nicole DeMarco
4 days ago

these powerful self-portraits are about reclaiming your body after rape

How artist Ciarra K. Walters is using photography to talk about trauma.
Zio Baritaux
4 days ago

young new zealanders get candid about mental health

With New Zealand in the middle of a mental health crisis, we spoke to young Kiwis about their experiences.
Mitch Parker

ian sweet turned depression into one of the year's most honest rock records

Jilian Medford escaped a toxic relationship, moved home to L.A., and discovered a newfound love of tennis.
Nick Fulton

what constantly worrying about money does to your mental health

Behind the smoke screen of outrageous money diaries and upscaled Instagram shots, financial difficulties are seriously harming young people.
Cristiana Bedei

this dutch brand offers fashion as a form of therapy

At Paris Fashion Week, design duo Schueller de Waal ran a futuristic wellness center for exhausted fashion victims.
Rolien Zonneveld
mental health

how to tell if you are in a toxic relationship

"I know that I can be toxic, but the last thing I need is someone that puts me in a box and tells me it’s all in my head."
Lera Abova

den-mate makes moody electro-pop to help herself heal

On her deeply personal album 'Loceke,' Jules Hale turns a traumatic life period into narrative songs that strike right at the heart.
Nick Fulton
Think Pieces

selfishness in the age of self-care

Are we canceling plans, retreating from friends, and avoiding real problems under the guise of ‘self-care’?
Cristiana Bedei
the earthwise issue

tao lin wants to take you on a trip

Tao Lin’s novel 'Taipei' was the defining chronicle of nihilistic youth in the 2010s. Tao's new book, 'Trip,' is an exploration of psychedelic drugs, their benefits, and his quest to feel less depressed.
Felix Petty

this publication hopes to end the stigma around men’s mental health

'HIM + HIS' is an anthology of visual and written contributions exploring the strengths and weaknesses of men and mental health.
Steve Salter