Luis Venegas


10 years of C☆NDY

Luis Venegas discusses 10 years and 12 issues of ‘C☆NDY’: a celebration of the “transversal world” that’s taken in everything from Nan Goldin’s photography to a cover imagining the first transgender president.
Ryan White

a look inside ryan mcginley’s family album

An obsessive user of his iPhone camera and a man deeply in love, Ryan McGinley shares a collection of intimate moments between him and his boyfriend for Luis Venegas’s latest edition of Ey! Boy.
Ryan White

​luis venegas goes pink in paris

A new rose-tinted exhibition by editor Luis Venegas brings together artists such as Nan Goldin, Bruce Weber, and Juergen Teller, for a look at the “undeniable queer history” of the color pink.
Lynette Nylander

luis venegas on photographing his dog for the new loewe book

We catch up with the beloved independent publisher to learn more about his journey into Loewe’s 170-year-old archives, and his favorite bookstores in NYC.
Emily Manning

the dog days are definitely not over for luis venegas

Forget high fashion models, Hollywood pin ups and pop stars -- what better subject to base a magazine on than man’s best friend? We catch up with the Spanish mastermind behind C☆NDY, EY! Magateen, and Fanzine 137, to learn more about Issue 2 of his...
Felicity Kinsella

10 years of independent publishing with luis venegas

From C☆NDY, to EY! Megateen, to Fanzine137, Spanish editor and publisher Luis Venegas has been busy redefining the magazine scene for 10 years now. i-D caught up with Luis to talk about his array of publications and his new magazine Printed Dog...
Lynette Nylander
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10 unexpected rules for boyhood from luis venegas

Growing up is an emotional roller-coaster. Screaming your heart out, crying your eyes out, crying with laughter, crying with happiness, falling in love, falling over, getting your first paycheck, being broke, eating everything, only eating toast...
i-D Team

creator of ey! magateen luis venegas, talks boys, boys, boys

Sugar, spice and all things nice, candyman Luis Venegas, is sweet like chocolate! The Creative Director, Editor and Publisher of Fanzine137, EY! Magateen and Candy has the fashion world at his fingertips.
Adam Fletcher