Lucien Clarke


how palace became a streetwear juggernaut in 10 short years

From a skate spot on London’s South Bank, to a dilapidated house in Waterloo, to conquering the world; this is the story of an era-defining British label.
Paul Flynn

10 things you need to know about tara lily

Get to know London’s latest greatest neo-jazz sensation and her Lucien Clarke-directed music video.
Roisin Lanigan

take an exclusive first look at palace’s spring/summer 17 collection

Ahead of the collection's February 24 release, check the Angelo Pennetta-shot images for Palace’s spring 17 lookbook, featuring Blondey McCoy and Lucien Clarke.
i-D Staff

celebrate skater lucien clarke’s new sneaker with the palace boys

The boys have put on a two-day retrospective exhibition to coincide with the launch of Lucien Clarke’s collaborative trainer with Supra.
Stuart Brumfitt

lucien clarke and shawn powers are changing the face of skateboarding

Meet the transatlantic duo shaping skateboarding's future.
i-D Staff

supreme's james jebbia on why he’s not obsessed with image and legacy

Over the course of two decades, iconic streetwear brand Supreme has put out seminal collaborations and defined the look of a generation.
Jeremy Abbott
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The Class of 2014 answers: How would you say technology has affected your generation?

Invent tomorrow instead of worrying about today. In an age where you are what you Tweet, where you’re only as good as your last selfie, and where you can connect to anyone, anywhere, and at any moment, technology seems to be taking over the world, one...
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

the class of 2014 answers: what does success mean to you?

If success is not the key to happiness then happiness must be the key to success. We caught up with today's brightest young things to find out what success means to them. Introducing the Class of 2014, they’re mother.fucking.awesome.
Tish Weinstock
Petra Collins

The class of 2014 answers: What’s the best thing about being a young male or female in 2014?

In an age where you’re no longer defined by your gender, and where who you are is determined from within, it sure is good to be a young male/female right now. We caught up with today's brightest young things to find out actually why this is...
Tish Weinstock

the supra skaters take london

Meet the SUPRA boys; skate boarding’s hottest new talent. There’s Spencer Hamilton, whose eyes are as blue as the ocean and whose skills are sharper than a knife. Then there’s Kevin Romar, king of the Backside 360s, although his friends call him Fromar...
Tish Weinstock