it’s time to talk about the lesbian reader of lolita

Vladimir Nabokov made it clear this book had nothing in it for me, but I read on. Here's why.
Emma Madden

the promise of a kristen stewart lesbian romcom will get us through 2019

She's starring in 'Happiest Season,' a holiday-themed lesbian romcom from the producers of 'Love, Simon.'
i-D Team

tillie walden writes sci-fi space adventures about queer love

The 22-year-old's latest comic has an all-female cast — plus a nonbinary character and a male cat.
Emma Russell

amandla stenberg reveals her first lesbian crushes to king princess

The teen actor/activist has officially come out as gay in an illuminating interview.
Hannah Ongley

this is tv’s first black, lesbian superhero

Too often dominated by the straight, white male, 'Black Lightning' is here to remind you that black, gay women can be superheroes too.
Hattie Collins

watch the trailer for james franco’s lesbian vampire film

Think of it as the same-sex ‘Buffy’ option you always wanted.
Wendy Syfret
Think Pieces

why does tv keep killing its gay female characters?

Following serious fan backlash against a series of recent primetime queer slashings, we survey TV’s LGBT landscape.
Emily Manning

my i-D: supermodel josephine skriver speaks out on growing up as a rainbow baby

You may recognise Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver from magazine covers, campaigns for Gucci, Armani or DKNY (delete as appropriate) or pretty much any catwalk under the sun - take your pick. But what you might not know is that Josephine grew up in...
Tish Weinstock
Think Pieces

being bisexual isn't the same as being straight or gay, so why does no one talk about how it differs?

Okay, so it’s a lot more fun to act out your sexual orientation in a club at 3am than to sit around talking about it. But if you feel passionate about your personal politics, it’s also important to have your say. And I’ll say this; why don’t we talk...
Amelia Abraham
Think Pieces

two dads are better than one - the rise in same sex parenting

With Gay Pride coming up this weekend and the same-sex marriage ban having been abolished in England and Wales, we explore how having two dads is not as unusual as it used to be. Increasing numbers of gay couples are choosing to have children...
i-D Team