Kylie Jenner

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welcome to the era of celebrities interviewing celebrities

It’s not a good era, not gonna lie.
Roisin Lanigan

everything to know about the mtv vmas tonight

From the politics of Nicki Minaj to the purposeful pop videos up for an award.
i-D Staff

kylie jenner says she’s taken out her lip fillers

She looks so different.
i-D Staff

how gen z yellow took over your instagram (and the world)

In this week’s episode of i-D’s fashion podcast, 'Fash-ON Fash-OFF,' we’re taking a deep dive into Gen Z Yellow — the bright, squelching color of the moment.
Matthew Whitehouse
Think Pieces

'keeping up with the kardashians' turns ten; we celebrate the family's great hits

A decade of Kardashian-Jenners.
Anne T. Donahue

tupac's photographer is suing kendall and kylie

Despite the sisters' hasty apology for their misguided T-shirts, the photographer of the original Tupac imagery they used isn't letting things go that easily.
Briony Wright

tokyo stylez makes killer wigs for rihanna, nicki, kylie (and himself)

The Nebraska native has taken the art of wig making to new heights.
Erica Euse
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wigging out: the return of the wig craze

'A woman should be able to be a blonde one day, have blue hair the next day, and go bald the next day if she wants to.'
Erica Euse
Kim Kardashian

how kylie jenner became a modern beauty phenomenon

Examining the cultural impact of Kylie Jenner, the most revolutionary of Instagirls and a hyperreal beauty tailored to look incredible online.
Philippa Snow
Think Pieces

how the du-rag is being reclaimed by black artists and designers

Unpacking the aesthetic and cultural cues of the utilitarian headdress.
Antwaun Sargent
kanye west

2016, the year that no one could look at the jumbotron

... Or at least that was the instruction given to models at the now infamous Yeezy Season 3 show. Considering 2016 was a year of being seduced by screens and propaganda; by constructed images like Swift and Hiddleston as a real couple, or Donald Trump...
Philippa Snow

the best celebrity halloween costumes of 2016

From Marc Jacobs's iron-pumping female body builder to Kylie Jenner's hardcore homage to X-Tina, find out who seriously stepped up to the costume challenge this Halloweekend.
Salvatore Maicki