7 of dolly parton's most iconic outfits

'It takes a lot of money to look this cheap,' she famously joked.
Brittany Natale

a guide to j.lo's style evolution

Following the announcement the legendary singer is set to receive the CFDA’s Fashion Icon Award, we look back at some of her most iconic outfits.
Liam Hess

jaden smith’s take on the met gala theme? self-worship, baby

If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gon’ love somebody else?
Douglas Greenwood
lgbt icon

the story of visionary lgbt rights activist marsha p. johnson just arrived on netflix

In 1969, Marsha P., a black trans woman, famously fought back against riot police who raided the Stonewall Inn, sparking the modern fight for LGBT rights.
Tom Rasmussen

bruce labruce on making a film about a radical lesbian terrorist group

'The Misandrists' is the cult queer filmmaker’s latest masterpiece. We caught up with him to chat nuns, pornography, and whether the future is female, as we share some behind-the-scenes images from the set.
Russell Dean Stone

miki agrawal has made periods national news and now she’s breaking the final taboo

We talk menstruation, misogyny and changing the world with the unstoppable feminist CEO and co-founder of THINX.
Alice Newell-Hanson
Think Pieces

what happened to our icons?

Once, the people we looked up to had to be stainless, perfect; contemporarily, we want our role models to have flaws. After all, what use is a role model if we can’t relate to them?
Sam Wolfson