the wild world of radical performance artist and industrial music pioneer cosey fanni tutti

As a member of Throbbing Gristle, Cosey created industrial music, and as an artist she pushed the boundaries of public decency with performances and sex magazine works that nearly lost the ICA its funding. As her memoir Art Sex Music is released, i-D...
Charlotte Gush

​judy blame's riot de-luxe

As Judy Blame launches a new zine to mark the end of his ICA retrospective, we present a peek inside it’s anarchic pages and catch up with the man himself, the inimitable riotous spirit behind much of what makes fashion great.
Felix Petty

join judy blame and terry jones in conversation

​As an ICA exhibition honoring his work opens to the public tomorrow, legendary stylist and jewelry designer Judy Blame joins i-D founder and former editor-in-chief Terry Jones to reflect on a career that started with a paper bag and ended up...
i-D Staff

detroit’s techno culture is getting a museum exhibition in london

'Detroit: Techno City' charts the genre's timeline through the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.
Hannah Ongley

photographing london squats from the 70s to the 90s

Catch photos that Mark Cawson, aka Smiler, shot of communities from West London to King’s Cross in a new show at the ICA.
i-D Staff

viviane sassen discusses the abstract and intangible in her new exhibition

The Dutch photographer has gone back to basics in search of a simpler form of photography at her ICA show, documenting the descendants of escaped slaves in Surinamese rain forest.
Felix Petty

photographer viviane sassen on show at london's ica

The Amsterdam-born snapper opens up her Pikin Slee show today.
Bojana Kozarevic

future brown announce european tour

Warp Records supergroup team up with Carhartt WIP for show at London’s ICA.
i-D Team

female artists reclaim the music video at​ london short film festival

Catch a love story, horror story or lo-budget gem at the London Short Film Festival or join one of their thought provoking panel discussions.
Felicity Kinsella

quickfire question round with British artist julie verhoeven

Whiskers Between My Legs is the new exhibition at the ICA, filled with sass and innuendo, by illustrator and artist Julie Verhoeven. Princess Julia headed over to the opening to find out what goes on in the hustle and bustle of her brilliant mind...
Princess Julia

tyrone lebon on the making of reely and truly

As one of the world’s brightest young photographers, you’d think Tyrone Lebon knew everything there was to know about the art of picture-taking but think again. Armed with a camera, a plane ticket and a plan, Tyrone embarked on a tour of the world...
Lynette Nylander