young lesbian, gay and bi women share their experiences of homophobia today

Following recent violent attacks on LGBTQ women and enby individuals, we examine the unique intersection of homophobia and misogyny and ask what can be done.
Sophie Wilkinson

there’s a lot more than just homophobia in that trump-putin kissing cartoon

Why are we so fascinated with the gay sexual power dynamics of world leaders?
Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard

what politicians' silence on chechnya's 'gay camps' says about lgbtq oppression

Following reports of gay men being rounded up into torture camps in Chechnya, there has been a deafening silence from politicians. i-D considers the consequences of this silence, and speaks with protesters at the Queer Solidarity demonstration outside...
Louis Staples

#fbf: remember when kanye told hip-hop to stop being homophobic on mtv?

This 2005 archive gem was resurfaced on its 10th anniversary by MTV, and reappeared on social media again today. It’s always a good time to revisit Ye’s essential anti-discrimination PSA.
Charlotte Gush

frank ocean blogs about global lgbt hate crimes

The elusive singer writes a poetic note covering Orlando, the anti-LGBT violence of Isis, and the homophobic views of Christian preachers.
Charlotte Gush

orlando proves we need pride more than ever

The horrific attacks in Orlando yesterday show us how much work is still to be done to fight homophobia, and that we all need to stand together to do it.
Jacob Hall

tyler, the creator's new t-shirts rework white power logos

The 24-year-old rapper says he’s making a strong, subversive statement against hate.
Emily Manning
Think Pieces

the fall of homophobia in the modelling industry: a sign of our times

Marc Sebastian Faiella is a Parsons graduate and has been modelling for three years. He's also gay and has experienced first-hand, homophobia in the modelling industry as well as finding a place in it where there is no discrimination. With Gay Pride...
i-D Team