'hardcore soul' captures the timelessness of raving

Italian producer Gabber Eleganza and British photographer Ewen Spencer have collaborated on a new project that brings together two music genres so different, yet so similar.
Juule Kay

the untold story of istanbul's 90s hardcore scene

While punk exploded in the west, a bloody Turkish coup resulted in a ten year time lag for the teenagers of Istanbul. Here, filmmaker Mu Tunç shares the incredible story of Turkey’s 90s hardcore scene.
Matthew Whitehouse

photographs of the world's most extreme gabber and hardcore fans

It remains one of the most original subcultures of the last few decades and continues to amaze us with its unique aesthetic. A new photo exhibit in Amsterdam shows the international sides of hardcore between Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan.
Amanda Margiaria

take an exclusive look at dior homme's new hardcore video

Hardcore rave, of course! Kris Van Assche brings his latest collection to life in this short film, shot backstage at Dior Homme's fall/winter 17 show in Paris.
Felix Petty

the i-D guide to the music videos of the rave era

Hardcore… you know the score! Here’s eight awesome rave visuals from the 90s that you need to see. Grab your smily face t and get ready for a serious Smartie party…
Ian McQuaid

is nada van dalen the dutch answer to hood by air?

Tomorrow, Nada van Dalen is planning a piece of radical fashion performance on the streets of Rotterdam. Ahead of the happening i-D catches up with the hardcore Dutch designer.
Channa Brunt