why shaved hair is such an important part of the lesbian identity

From full skinhead to floppy emo undercut -- whether you're a butch or a femme, everyone should try shaving their head once!
Sophie Wilkinson

lena waithe has "gotten gayer"

Emmy Award-winner Lena Waithe shaved her head, and offered a red carpet reporter some empowering words about the decision.
Ryan White

examining fashion's complicated relationship with the bowl cut

Plucked from cultural idiocy and elevated to elegance, the story of the bowl cut’s makeover speaks to the present times, or dare I say, end times.
Sessi Blanchard
beauty week 2018

regal portraits of black children in baroque costumes

Photographers Regis and Kahran Bethencourt push the boundaries of what blackness has been and can become.
André-Naquian Wheeler
beauty week 2018

how masami hosono’s genderless haircuts quietly changed the game

The owner of NYC's Vacancy Project believes "[everywhere] will be all gender-neutral in the future."
Hannah Ongley
beauty week 2018

there's a reason you cut your hair after a breakup

The transformative power of chopping it all off, and what it means.
Erica Euse
beauty week 2018

why natural ingredients in your hair-care products are so important

We ask what 'natural' really means.
Kristen Bateman
beauty week 2018

why britney spears’s head-shaving moment is deeply inspiring for me as a trans person

Hair can be an empowering tool for agency for queer people.
Coco Romack
beauty week 2018

celebrating the beauty of buzzcuts and baldness

Whether it’s to challenge societal definitions of beauty, a practical choice, or a way of taking ownership of health issues, being bald can be incredibly empowering. We meet six women who have found liberation through shaving their heads.
Tish Weinstock
beauty week 2018

men are finally joining the hair dye rebellion

Just call it the Frank Ocean effect.
Erica Euse

meet the brooklyn twins behind the first luxury durag label

Clothing and accessories brand L’Enchanteur is rethinking what luxury is and should be.
Coco Romack

rick owens just delivered the statement hair look of the season

Forget Gosha's three stripes, Rick Owens channelled Greek mythology as his army of other-worldly men explored new and challenging worlds of beauty.
Steve Salter