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the queer grime artist changing the scene

Karnage Kills is unequivocally femme and fearless.
Douglas Greenwood
music news

what happened when we spent six hours in paris with skepta

The Tottenham musician celebrates his second collaboration with Nike by taking some pals to Paris.
Hattie Collins

novelist’s grime centered debut album is very bold and very needed

“Everyone is super angry right now.” Nov contemplates London violence in powerful debut album.
Hattie Collins
the sounding off issue

giggs is an inspiration for an entire generation of rappers, trappers and drillers

Whether melancholy street anthems or exuberant party starters, Hollowman’s ice-cold flow has taken him from underground hero to undisputed champ of the UK scene.
Hattie Collins

in a rare interview, skepta talks success, envy, and needing a break

Backstage is where the magic chat happens. Join i-D as we caught a few words with the man that took grime global.
Francesca Dunn

track-by-track: exploring stormzy's explosive debut 'gang signs & prayer'

“See Big Mike on the i-D site now the peng tengs wanna do the sex on me." We have a listen to i-D cover star Stormzy’s almighty debut.
Hattie Collins

grimes and janelle monáe give steampunk and cybergoth vibes in 'venus fly' video

The Canadian musician took to Instagram to share a clip from their new video, and reflect on making art in a dark world.
Georgie Bretherton

go backstage at skepta’s alexandra palace show in london

As Apple Music announce its 'Skepta: Greatness Only' documentary, step behind the scenes and into conversation with his friends, family, and special guests. Redefining British music, building his legacy — this is greatness.
i-D Staff

grime i rep to the t, 140 i kept to the beat

'This Is Grime' is the definitive tome on the most exciting musical subculture to emerge from London in the 21st century. Hattie Collins and Olivia Rose reflect on the book’s magical year in the making.
Lynette Nylander

meet stormzy, i-D's first grime cover star

Stormzy is one of the leading voices in Britain’s most vital music scene. As grime rises to greater heights, and he prepares to release his debut album, we celebrate the MC from south London whose self-made rise to the top has been impressively...
Hattie Collins

skepta won the mercury prize last night and so did grime

Up against dearly departed Bowie, Skepta’s 'Konnichiwa' won the award for both the genre and independent artists everywhere.
Francesca Dunn

get to know the unsung female heroes of grime

Though it’s often men who claim the shine and reap the rewards, there are many incredible women in and around grime who have been integral in helping to shape the genre and its surrounding culture. i-D Features Director Hattie Collins talks us through...