the secret history of new york’s punk graffiti artists

Hip-hop was the exclusive soundtrack to graffiti in the 1980s, right? Wrong. On the other side of the tracks, Sabbath-listening, CBGB-frequenting punks of NYC’s hardcore scene were developing an inimitable style of their own.
Matthew Whitehouse

why the estate of dash snow is suing mcdonald’s

Having discovered the late artist’s graffiti tags displayed inside hundreds of European and Asian fast food restaurants, members of the his family are taking legal action against the Golden Arches.
Emily Manning
Think Pieces

why local nyc artists are fighting ‘artwashing’

Gentrification in New York City is more complex than it looks.
Annie Armstrong

justin bieber needs to say 'sorry' for his graffiti, warns san francisco

A city attorney sent a letter to the singer's camp, calling its 'Purpose' marketing campaign 'vandalism.'
Emily Manning

why drone graffiti artist katsu vandalized kendall jenner

A month after his graffiti drone painted a Calvin Klein billboard, we caught up with KATSU to explore technology’s impact on the future of art.
Emily Manning

london exhibition, night on my mind says: end custodial sentences for graffiti writers

Exhibitions on graffiti typically cater towards an audience big on street art, whether it’s lavish dubs on white walls, a stencil in a frame or a spray can in a display case. London’s Night On My Mind is an exhibition that approaches the subject matter...
Fin Murphy

big up to kaws, the man behind the cartoons

As KAWS prepares to open his new exhibition Permanent Vacation, at Galerie Perrotin on 26th November, we look back to our interview with the artist in our KAWS special, The Stepping Stone Issue, July 2008, where he tells us how to not get caught doing...
Jeremy Abbott