generation z


what to do if eco-anxiety is ruining your mental health

With an unpredictable future ahead Generation Z are still managing to find hope in a world that’s burning before our eyes.
Douglas Greenwood

a new film exploring the hopes and dreams of gen z just premiered at sundance

Created by Jade Jackman and Irregular Labs in partnership with Gucci and Chime For Change, watch The Future is Fluid now.
Willy Ndatira

more people than ever are ditching their iphones for burners

R.I.P. the smartphone?
Roisin Lanigan

chloe x halle on why generation z is ready to save the world

After hitting the stage at Girl Cult Festival, the singers talk to i-D about what female empowerment feels and looks like to them.
André-Naquian Wheeler

photographing the red hot street style of são paulo, straight up

We took to the streets of Brazilian melting pot São Paulo, to meet the city's lovers, dreamers, and creators.
i-D Staff

does anyone remember what it was like to be bored?

As a kid, being painstakingly bored was a common predicament. Yet as the internet becomes more ubiquitous, we’ve been reprogrammed to absorb information 24/7. What are we missing out on when our attention spans last only until the next notification...
Felicity Kinsella

in 2016, it's not about where you're from, it's where you're local

Today so many of us come from all over the world, and live in numerous locations during our lifetimes, rightly calling each one of them home. If we limit people to only being from the place they were born, are we denying them their true identities...
Dean Kissick

the wild new world of male makeup

The true definition of modern masculinity is constantly up for debate, but nowhere is there a more obvious change in attitudes than the growing trend for makeup amongst men. We explore a new era for self-expression.
Maks Fus-Mickiewicz

amandla stenberg on youth activism: "our generation is more than just a hashtag”

The actor looks directly at making change happen in an inspiring essay about the power of social media.
Blair Cannon

london's young dreamers share their hopes for the future

The desire for change in London is palpable right now. With so many young activists taking to the streets to make their voices heard, Morgan Hill-Murphy went out to capture these dreamers and believers, as we ask them about the changes they'd like to...
i-D Staff

where will brexit leave the activists of generation z?

Will we come out of this permanently disillusioned with a political system that shows little love for our futures, or with a new found energy to build a better world?
Felix Petty

is the backlash against social media coming?

We’ve become a culture obsessed with likes, views and comments, but is the pressure to be popular becoming too pervasive? With digital detoxes on the rise, we ask: is it time to opt out of the digital world?
Dean Kissick