Gen Z


asos announces new youth-focussed fashion line, collusion

Created by a collective of six young designers, models, artists, and influencers, Collusion is designed by Gen Z, for Gen Z.
Felix Petty
Think Pieces

what does changing social media use reveal about the shifting anxieties of gen z?

Does migration to self-deleting media and trigger-happy liking mean that Gen Z are less anxious than millennials?
Brian O'Flynn

capturing the new faces of south african activism

In his latest series, photographer Imraan Christian captures Generation Z’s fight against colonialism.
Courtney DeWitt

where will brexit leave the activists of generation z?

Will we come out of this permanently disillusioned with a political system that shows little love for our futures, or with a new found energy to build a better world?
Felix Petty

is it time to retire the word 'supermodel'?

While we can continue to admire the originals, we don’t need to recast them. The Instagirls reflect our generation, pouring their personalities into their social feeds, and living beyond the catwalk.
Wendy Syfret

make love not war

Vanessa Moody gives peace a chance in this shoot from The Activist Issue.
i-D Staff

think for yourself while it’s still legal

Karolin Wolter causes a riot in this shoot from the activist issue. Choose life!
i-D Staff

wolfgang tillmans profiles russia's queer community

Last year, German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans travelled to Russia to meet members of the LGBT community in Saint Petersburg, an inspiring group of young men and women who risk their jobs and more to promote change. Here he photographs ten...
i-D Staff

kim jones' brave new world for louis vuitton menswear

At the beginning of the year, i-D travelled to Rajasthan in northern India with Louis Vuitton. We hung out with the locals, marveled at the rugged landscapes and explored the sun-drenched Maharaja palaces and forts that inspired Men’s Style Director...
James Anderson

do it for the generation behind you

Paris still burns brightly with the spirit of revolution. With words as their weapons and fire in their hearts, we meet the students who’ve taken to Paris’ boulevards to fight for global equality.
i-D Staff

conquer yourself then the world

i-D Casting Director Angus Munro captures the dynamic youth of Generation Z. “The issue is all about activism, social awareness and youth,” he says, “I wanted this cast to celebrate today’s NY youth and the vibrant culture that it embodies.”
i-D Team

tavi gevinson is the icon for an activist generation

She started her blog Style Rookie when she was 11, sat front row at Dior at the age of 12, and ditched fashion for feminism at 14, but Tavi Gevinson is still figuring things out — and that’s ok.
Felicity Kinsella