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bienvenue à montréal: canada’s new capital of young fashion design

Montreal’s fashion community is at the forefront of the city’s creative transformation.
Mahoro Seward

a new report says the fashion industry is fueling modern slavery

This is a feminist issue.
Roisin Lanigan

10 questions you always wanted to ask a… fashion critic

“I only regret reviews where I wasn't absolutely honest… "
Steve Salter

how to protect yourself as a young designer starting out in the fashion industry

Fashion lawyer Hugh Devlin offers his advice to 1 Granary about how to protect your designs.
1 Granary
Think Pieces

how trump's presidency could affect the fashion industry

Designer Mary Ping shares a call to arms for integrity and inclusivity within the creative industries.
Mary Ping

what comes between a designer and calvin klein?

Yesterday Calvin Klein announced a new global strategy, which sees the company part ways with its designers of thirteen years, Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli. Anders Christian Madsen looks at the newest seismic shift to hit fashion—and those Raf...
Anders Christian Madsen

will the proposed schedule changes fix the fashion system?

The most exciting trend to emerge at the start of 2016 isn't to be found on the runways, but in the backstage corridors of fashion's most powerful and exciting houses: the changing attitudes of designers towards the traditional fashion week schedule.
Jack Sunnucks

​paul smith is the latest designer to combine mens and womenswear

The British designer has also reduced the number of lines to two collections each with four drops per year.
Charlotte Gush

​how important is social media in building a fashion brand?

Everyone from superbrands to emerging designers are prioritizing social media to communicate with their fans. We investigate what it's actually worth.
Katie Jane Rose
Think Pieces

how instagram can make you forget why you love fashion

From models to bloggers to It Girls, the constant stream of gifted shoes, bags and sun-soaked, carefree faces clogging up your Instagram feed can sometimes make you (if you are not a model/blogger/It Girl) forget why it is you work crazy hours for...
Courtney Iseman