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global youth - new york

As Matt Jones captures the imitable style and effortless cool of New Yorkers, journey to its vibrant streets as we meet the dreamers, lovers, fighters, and just the downright cool. Welcome to NYC!
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exploring london's diy zine revolution

You may have already guessed it, but we're mad about magazines. If you've got something to say, there's no better way to say it than shouting it out loud on the printed page. In our latest film, i-D meets the creative minds behind 'Polyester,' 'LAW...
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i-Cons: calvin klein

In a nation marked by change, one name emerged to become a constant figure in American fashion for over four decades. From the sexual energy of his Studio 54 days to his iconic campaigns with Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber and, of course, Kate Moss, this...
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i-D in collaboration with Y-3 presents Y-3 SPORT: THERE ARE NO RULES

Heralding a new era of design focused performance wear and uncompromising attitude with Y-3's first dedicated sportswear collection. Combining the avant-garde vision of Yohji Yamamoto and the innovative approach to sportswear of adidas, over the last...
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i-D meets bhumika arora

It’s fair to say modeling came as a shock to Bhumika Arora’s parents. In small town India, becoming an international model isn’t really something that happens every day. Hell, it’s not something that happens every day anywhere, but especially where...
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'arizona women' with natalie westling and molly bair

In "Arizona Women," models Molly Bair and Natalie Westling cross the flat lands, gorges, mountains, and canyons of the great American state to meet everyone from cowgirls-cum-beauty-queens to hippy mystics... and find out what it means to be an...
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love is so much! a petra collins film featuring barbie ferreira

Barbie and Omar sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First a thought, then a text, then a full on make-out sesh! So won't you come on over, baby? Heads will tilt, lips lock, and tongues begin to explore. For in that moment the rose-tinted spotlight is on...
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loverboy: charles jeffrey takes new york

designer charles jeffrey is bringing fearlessness back into fashion

Remember the days when fashion, clubbing, and personality used to go hand-in-hand? When nights of hedonism were worn on literal sleeves with glamour, smiles, and sheer delight? In this episode of "Worn In," i-D takes a trip to club night LOVERBOY, the...
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