refillable beauty products are here to save the planet, but will they even make a dent?

Industry experts aren’t sure they’re the environmental savior we need them to be. So what is?
Shannon Peter
2 days ago

vivienne westwood takes on fracking with america's cup protest tees

The designer and activist is part of a campaign to ban a pro-fracking sponsor from Auckland’s 2021 race.
Mitch Parker
3 days ago
the earthwise issue

what is the answer to fashion's waste problem?

As Burberry, Stella McCartney, and H&M pledge to help eliminate plastic pollution, we look back to The Earthwise Issue, in which Osman Ahmed asked: How can fashion find a new route to sustainability?
Osman Ahmed

coach announces it will go fur-free

Coach has become the latest in a long line of brands and designers banning fur from their collections.
Roisin Lanigan

vivienne westwood breakdances to abba to protest fracking

There’s only one true Dancing Queen, and it’s Viv Westwood.
Roisin Lanigan
the earthwise issue

is it true that if the oceans die, we die?

We speak to Parley for the Oceans founder Cyrill Gutsch to find out just how bad it really is.
Clementine de Pressigny

actress-turned-activist bonnie wright’s guide to breaking free from packaging

How to make a difference in your lunch hour.
Bonnie Wright
the futurewise issue

harley weir: plastic is not fantastic

British photographer Harley Weir began documenting the plastic waste around her in 2015. By posting the images she takes on her Instagram account with the hashtag #plasticneverdies, she hopes to raise awareness of the rubbish that’s destroying our world.
i-D Staff

sustainable fashion shouldn’t just be for rich people

Waste is a design flaw and one that those with the least amount of money pay for.
Annie Lord

fashion creates more greenhouse pollution than the airline industry

The plastic from our clothes is also causing more damage to the ocean than cosmetics.
Isabelle Hellyer

glacier girl is the eco warrior hero the world needs

We talk to social media sensation and environmental activist Glacier Girl about mental health, climate change, and switching tactics when it comes to raising awareness about the things you care about most.
Luisa Le Voguer Couyet

plastic bags invade the runway as sea levels rise

Vaquera repped Key Food supermarket and Public School took on the iconic takeout smiley face. In a time of environmental angst, what's with fashion's non-biodegradable bag obsession?
Hannah Ongley