how 'happy death day' reinvented the teen horror movie for a new generation

Since the early 00s, the teen horror genre has been stuck on a time loop. But by breaking down the genre and playing with its parts, the 'Happy Death Day' movies may just have finally broken the cycle.
Amy Roberts

why are thousands of students striking from school?

All around the world students are ditching school to demand action on climate change. They know that we are facing a climate emergency, time is running out. i-D spoke to 8 youth activists from all over the globe, about why they're taking drastic action.
Clementine de Pressigny

why olivia colman deserves every award under the sun

Gentle, funny, smart, self-deprecating -- Olivia Colman’s un-starry and disarming interview style might seem like the best Oscar campaign Hollywood could buy, if she had not so clearly always been this way.
Philippa Snow

the modeling agency opening czech minds

The New Aliens agency is pushing for radical inclusivity amidst a conservative political culture.
Morgan Childs

diary of a drag queen: crystal rasmussen on writing a book "by a queer for queers about queers"

The brilliant debut book by Crystal Rasmussen is out today, and we're sharing an exclusive excerpt and intro by the fabulous author herself. This memoir is juicy and unapologetic. It might make you cry, and it will most definitely make you laugh.
Tom Rasmussen

kristen roupenian: what the ‘cat person’ author did next

When ‘Cat Person’ became the New Yorker’s second most-read story in 2017, after Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein exposé, it changed Kristen Roupenian’s life forever. A year on, she reflects on its success discusses her new collection, 'You Know You It'.
Katie Goh

the best things to watch, see, and do this week

Your indispensable gui-De to leisure action in NYC, February 4 to February 10.
Nicole DeMarco

how close to reality is velvet buzzsaw’s depiction of the la art world?

Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw follows a classic horror film story arch where one by one arty people are brutalised in mysterious ways. But is it close to reality? Art critic Angella d’Avignon shares her thoughts.
Angella D'Avignon

8 black women on how they're portrayed in pop culture

The books, movies, and TV shows that they most identify with; and the stereotypes that they don’t.
Zio Baritaux

i-D exclusive: watch the documentary of undercover’s first paris menswear show

In this short film, the cult Japanese brand helmed by Jun Takahashi takes us behind the scenes of their debut menswear show.
Tatsuya Yamaguchi

linder sterling: “revolt and rebellion has to happen some part in secret. today there’s this collective urge to share everything”

From underground artist to exhibiting her art on the underground, Linder Sterling has surpassed punk provocateur to become something of a national treasure. Ahead of her new show, we discussed a career working as a surgeon of British iconography.
Ryan White

why were kanye west, kid cudi, timothée chalamet and pete davidson hanging out last night?

You: H- i-D: My kings would never.
i-D Staff