body image


are people getting plastic surgery to look like instagram filters?

Doctors say maybe, minus the puppy ears.
Hannah Ongley
Think Pieces

why do tv shows like insatiable continue to get produced?

Do we really need another show that suggests women value themselves by their bodies and men’s perceptions of them?
Precious Adesina
Think Pieces

victoria’s secret is out of touch with what women want now

Has there been a shift in what sexy means?
Annie Lord
The Radical Issue

paloma elsesser speaks out about equality for all women

“Sitting here being able to have this conversation is a sign that things are changing, and that people want change.”
i-D Staff

photographer daisy walker is tackling abuse in fashion

Her new initiative Women in Fashion is an activist platform for confronting issues of gender, diversity, and malpractice in the industry.
i-D Staff

5 powerful spoken-word poetry performances about body image

Tackling everything from non-binary bodies to the gender dynamics of taking up space.
Blair Cannon

barbie ferreira strips down and opens up about fat-shaming in fashion

"They didn’t want to put my fat body in their store. They didn’t want to put my rolls anywhere. They didn’t even want to pay me."
Hannah Ongley

ashley armitage wants to reclaim butts

An intimate study of bottoms, "Taking Back What’s Ours" is a love letter to our gender-free body part.
Tish Weinstock

this is france's solution to fashion's retouching addiction

In an effort to curb eating disorders amongst the nation's youth, France is zeroing in on skinny models. But the new legislation has already attracted a fair amount of criticism.
Hannah Ongley

a new, confrontational art project brings activists to crowded subway cars

The 'Unmuted' series is bringing activists like Ebonee Davis and Iskra Lawrence underground (literally) to confront issues facing New Yorkers.
i-D Staff

meet brazilian models, activists, and a feminist rapper fighting sexual harassment

In i-D's second season of Beyond Beauty, tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral is back exploring individual expressions of beauty. This time Grace travels to São Paulo, Brazil and speaks to the activists who believe that no one should suffer for...
i-D Staff

inside brazil's favelas and the rise of the new afro hair movement

In i-D's latest season of Beyond Beauty, tattoo artist and activist Grace Neutral is back exploring individual expressions of beauty. This time, Grace travels to São Paulo, Brazil to explore the disparity between the nation's overriding mainstream...
i-D Staff