london spring/summer 19: everything you need to know

In this week’s episode of i-D podcast, 'Fash-ON Fash-OFF,' we talk all things London Fashion Week. We give our opinion the shows -- what we liked, what we didn’t. And we discuss what it is that makes London, London.
Matthew Whitehouse
2 days ago

the expansive multicultural universe of asai

On the cusp of stepping out onto the LFW schedule without Fashion East, there’s a bright future ahead of A Sai Ta.
Clementine de Pressigny
5 days ago

from the designer to the casting director, meet the creative minds behind asai

Here's how a fashion show comes together.
i-D Staff

the london blitz: why the city's fashion scene has never been better

These era-defining designers are ensuring London remains the most creative city in the world.
i-D Staff

we asked some designers about staying sane in fashion

What impact does it have on designers mental health to create a whole new body of work every six months, but also make it commercially viable and is there a new way to work?
Bryony Stone

fashion east spring/summer 18 took on fashion’s messed-up orientalism

Matty Bovan, Asai, and Supriya Lele each conjured tough, powerful woman to match the challenges of both global politics and contemporary culture.
Charlotte Gush

we are fashion east: these designers show we’re stronger together

As filmmaker Saskia Dixie invites us behind the scenes, the Fashion East family of designers tells us why initiatives that support emerging talent are more important now than ever.
Steve Salter