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how to live a radical existence, with fatima jamal

Fatima Jamal doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. The American interdisciplinary artist has spent too long thwarting the jibes of those unlike her -- a queer, black, trans, femme woman -- to truly take note of her haters.
Douglas Greenwood

artist raúl de nieves on high heels, haribo, and the ritual of craft

The Mexico-born artist turned salvaged shoes and bulk plastic beads into the Whitney Biennial's most stunning installation.
Hannah Ongley

this artist shaved her head to get back to her roots

Diana Chire’s body is her canvas, but not knowing her hair in its natural state left her feeling like cheat. So she turned it into art.
Clementine de Pressigny

juliana horner is the most creative make-up artist on instagram

There isn't anything that Nashville artist Juliana Horner isn't willing to try — from airbrushed sci-fi eyeshadow to face stickers.
Jo Rosenthal

​the inside story of kanye’s 'famous' exhibition

The director of the gallery that hosted Yeezy’s living, breathing, nude celebrity sculpture opens up to i-D about staging the rapper’s controversial foray in contemporary art.
Nadja Sayej

artist ​illma gore on gendered myths and drawing donald trump’s penis

We meet the artist behind the most controversial artwork of the year.
Tish Weinstock

big up to kaws, the man behind the cartoons

As KAWS prepares to open his new exhibition Permanent Vacation, at Galerie Perrotin on 26th November, we look back to our interview with the artist in our KAWS special, The Stepping Stone Issue, July 2008, where he tells us how to not get caught doing...
Jeremy Abbott

london now, the artist & the filmmaker: phoebe collings-james & sean frank

East-London born and bred artist, Phoebe Collings-James and her beau, filmmaker Sean Frank are the scene's best-looking couple. 26 and 24 years old respectively, the pair can always be found side by side, DJ-ing at cool store openings, dancing at cool...
i-D Team

Kyla La Grange & Jakwob, making magic

Kyla La Grange is the otherworldly mermaid-haired beauty with a voice to match. Jakwob (James Jacob) is the Digital Soundboy-signee with equally as luscious locks and a CV that name-drops the likes of Lana Del Rey and Usher. Together they are making...
Francesca Dunn

first time's a charm, 130919 – a portrait of marina ambramovic

In a single take, Artist-turned-Filmmaker Matthu Placek captures the legendary pioneer of performance art Marina Ambramovic in all her naked glory.
i-D Team

sza, the new jersey singer rocking our world

Signed to Top Dawg Entertainment and championed by Kendrick Lamar, SZA is the rising New Jersey alternative artist with the emotive sound.
Milly McMahon

all about the boychild

Boychild is a performance artist, a contemporary vision of cosmic freedom and proof that artists speak of the eternal in the language of their times.
i-D Team