how to become a collector of emerging artists, with @love.watts

Jordan Watson is teaming up with the young artists behind Instagram's most beautiful images.
Hannah Ongley
2 days ago

joy labinjo: the fine artist depicting intimate scenes of family life

With her debut solo exhibition, Recollections, open to the public, we hear from artist Joy Labinjo on how she began to consider her own experiences as ample inspiration for her work.
Matthew Whitehouse
2 days ago

a guide to andy warhol's films, from personal shorts to political arthouse

We dig into Warhol's eccentric film oeuvre to celebrate his landmark retrospective at The Whitney.
Brittany Natale
2 days ago

chase hall paints the intimate bonds between black jockeys and their horses

Exploring the complexities of America's racist past through the plight of its first black sports heroes.
Laura Pitcher
4 days ago

virgil abloh is unveiling a new art installation in milan

It’s part of a takeover of the new Spazio Maiocchi space by art magazine ‘Kaleidoscope’.
Felix Petty
5 days ago

how conceptual make-up artist phyllis cohen infiltrated the 80s beauty scene

From Bowie to Blitz, Phyllis Cohen’s work came to define a generation.
Shannon Peter
5 days ago

meet the artist making memes in real life

Tom Galle's art is perfect for your Friday procrastination session.
Juule Kay

super future kid turns your childhood into trippy neon paintings

Growing up in the Eastern Bloc, artist Super Future Kid didn't have access to the colorful cartoons the rest of us took for granted.
Zio Baritaux

radical beauty project is challenging misconceptions around down syndrome

Through conceptual beauty shoots with renowned art and fashion photographers.
Shannon Peter

the indigenous art collective digging up pittsburgh's problematic labor legacy

Postcommodity unearths the city's invisible narratives, creating the most important art work at this year's Carnegie International.
Benoit Loiseau

what it's like to be black and lgbtq in brazil

Brazil is already the most dangerous country in the world to be transgender, and a bigot is poised to become president. Ahead of this weekend's landmark election, i-D meets the artists who want better.
Igi Ayedun

5 gallery shows we love at lower east side art week

The New York neighborhood’s inaugural event, from October 17 to 21, spotlights emerging female artists in vibrant color.
Nicole DeMarco