21st century boy: frank lebon

Son of Buffalo photographer Mark Lebon and brother to gentle giant and i-D fave Tyrone Lebon, 20 year old Frank can be found serious faced in the Alexander McQueen spring/summer 14 campaign, sucking face in Mount Kimbie's Would Know video and twisting...

by i-D Team
Aug 15 2014, 2:50pm

Charlotte Stockdale

Cara (left) wears bra Johanna O'Hagan. Skirt Serena Gili. Helmet House of Flora. Necklace David Morris. Shoes Balmain. Frank wears jacket, shirt, trousers, tie and shoes Tom Ford. Socks Thomas Pink. Cara (right) wears body Johanna O'Hagan. Knickers I.D. S

What's the best thing about being young and male today? 
The amount of porn that's available.

And the worst?
I feel 21st century angst is the worst.

If I were a girl...
I would be called Frankie.

How would you describe your generation?
Our generation ain't sexy, but that doesn't matter to our generation.

What makes your generation different from generations before?
Can only correctly answer this question a few generations down the line. I'm too involved in it at the mo so don't have a fuckin' clue. 

How is technology shaping your future?
Getting us closer together without being able to touch. 

How many hours do you spend on social media a day?
On a good day 0. On a bad day... too many!

What is your social media of choice and why?
Snapchat... because I don't have it yet

What does success mean to you?
A lot more than I'd like it too.

How are you going to achieve it?
If I achieve it, lovely. If I don't, I hope I'm still doing what I love.


Photography Tyron Lebon
Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale
Hair Shon at Julian Watson Agency
Make-up Petros Petrohilos at Streeters using Shu Uemura
Set design Poppy Bartlett at the Magnet Agency
Photography assistance Jack day, Maxwell Tomlinson, Hannah Moon
Styling assistance Melissa Simpemba
Set assistance Luke Judlin
Production Lucie Newbegin at M.a.P fashion contributor Katie Lyall
Model Cara Delevingne at Storm.
Special thanks to Film Plus 

[From the Q+A Issue, no. 324, Spring 13]

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