what does your chinese horoscope say about you?

According to the Shengxiao, or Chinese Zodiac, 2014 is the year of the wood horse, use our guide to find out what your Chinese horoscope says about you...

by Dean Kissick
Jan 31 2014, 12:20am

Meng Lu Photography Chen Man, The Whatever The Weather Issue, No. 317, Pre-Spring 2012

On January 31st, or Chinese New Year, we ponystepped out of the year of the Snake and into 2014, the year of the Horse. The Shengxiao, or Chinese Zodiac, assigns an animal and an element to each passing year in a twelve-year mathematical cycle; to find out your animal, just type your birthday into i-D, for instance, was born in the year of the Pig: hard-working, passionate, peace-loving and sociable, if occasionally self-indulgent. And that's not all, as animal signs are also assigned by month (inner animals), day (true animals) and hour (secret animals), allowing for 103,680 possible combinations for each person. You could appear in the year of the Pig and live as a Tiger internally, a Rooster truly, and a Monkey secretly. So, to celebrate the start of an exciting year of the Horse, this is our Chinese Zodiac. Happy New Year!

Horse / Yang, fixed element Fire
Horses are agile, cheerful, open-minded, popular and talkative - however, on occasions, they can act arrogant, childish, fickle, rude and stubborn.
famous Horse: Mario Balotelli

Goat / Yin, fixed element Fire
Goats are artistic, mild-mannered, mothering, peaceful and shy - but sometimes complaining, indecisive, passive, pessismistic and worried.
famous Goat: Tyler the Creator

Monkey / Yang, fixed element Metal
Monkeys are dignified, flexible, intellectual, inventive and self-assured - however they're also cunning, jealous, manipulative, selfish and vain. 
famous Monkey: Kim Kardashian

Rooster / Yin, fixed element Metal 
Roosters are alert, conservative, meticulous, neat and perfectionist - but sometimes abrasive, critical, opinionated, proud and puritanical. 
famous Rooster: Karl Lagerfeld

Dog / Yang, fixed element Metal 
Dogs are affectionate, attractive, honest, loyal and moralistic - but can be cynical, lazy, quarrelsome, stubborn and worrisome. 
famous Dog: Justin Bieber

Pig / Yin, fixed element Water 
Pigs are calm, intelligent, scrupulous, thoughtful and understanding - although also fatalistic, gullible, naïve, over-reliant and self-indulgent. 
famous Pig: Larry David

Rat / Yang, fixed element Water 
Rats are artistic, charming, charismatic, eloquent and intense - but can be intolerant, ruthless, scheming, self-destructive and vindictive. 
famous Rat: John Galliano

Ox / Yin, fixed element Water 
Oxen are ambitious, conventional, logical, modest and resolute - and demanding, dogmatic, hot-tempered, materialistic and stubborn. 
famous Ox: LiLo

Tiger / Yang, fixed element Wood 
Tigers are colourful, daring, impulsive, rebellious and vigorous - but can also be aggressive, impatient, reckless, restless and quick-tempered. 
famous Tiger: Usain Bolt

Rabbit / Yin, fixed element Wood 
Rabbits are amiable, cautious, kind, lucky and tender - on a bad day they are detached, moody, opportunistic, self-indulgent and superficial. 
famous Rabbit: Blue Ivy Carter c/o Beyonce

Dragon / Yang, fixed element Wood 
Dragons are artistic, fiery, passionate, pioneering and self-assured - but beware, as they can also be arrogant, brash, demanding, tactless and tyrannical. 
famous Dragon: RiRi

Snake / Yin, fixed element Fire 
Snakes are deep thinking, elegant, mystic, sensual and wise - but can be bad at communicating, cold, distrustful, lonely and self-doubting. 
famous Snake: Yeezy


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