700 bliss is a noise project that will save you

Moor Mother and DJ Haram premiere the video for “Cosmic Slop,” a track from their cathartic, essential noise project.

by Hannah Ongley
Mar 28 2018, 6:23pm

Collaborative noise project 700 Bliss was born at Philly parties and underground club nights. Musician/poet Moor Mother (Camae Ayewa) and producer DJ Haram were friends before they were musical collaborators. The two linked up through curating and playing shows in the 215. Camae and Haram’s experimental noise project now has an EP, Spa 700. While it’s been some years in the making, the release might be the most essential listening of 2018. Spa 700 is a cleansing experience achieved not by bathing you in lightness, but by drowning you in spaced-out commotion. Today, i-D premieres the video for “Cosmic Slop,” a warped journey through delirious beats and America’s dark history.

“Haram sent me this track a long time ago. I must have wrote it in like 20 minutes after I got it,” Camae Ayewa tells i-D. “It was one of the easiest tracks to write.” Haram agrees, adding, “‘Cosmic Slop’ was pretty straightforward, beat plus rap. The creation process is a lot of bedroom studio time and getting on the same page.” The video, by Eva Wǒ and Qué Pequeño, was an equally intuitive process for the two frank Philly femmes. It shows Haram and Camae’s friends kicking back in a messy basement and dancing to a cathartic live set. “We just wanted to shoot a video with our friends,” Camae says. “That’s it. There was no agenda.”

It’s not shocking that “Cosmic Slop” was quick to write. Camae has spent years spitting about black American history, harnessing Afrofuturism, and political protest on her essential 2016 album Fetish Bones. Here, her passion-drenched words about rage and survival spill over Haram’s celestial, strung-out club beats. “You late, bitch/It’s the end of the world, you bait bitch.” As Haram’s production intensifies and closes in around the vocals, the words are seared into your brain. Images of both the abstract and historical arise: spaceships, motherships, slave ships. Watch the video below and get the most rigorous cleanse of your life via 700 Bliss’s Bandcamp.

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