for £70, you can learn how to make movies with spike lee

Across 16 seminars, Spike will breakdown how to get your film financed and hone your screenwriting skills.

by Douglas Greenwood
Mar 26 2018, 11:19am

The legendary director Spike Lee, known best for his films Do the Right Thing and Chi-Raq and for making music videos with icons like Prince and MJ, has been creating critically-adored work for the best part of four decades. Nowadays, when he’s not behind the lens, he’s teaching the next generation of filmmakers how to perfect their craft as a professor of film at New York University.

But for those of us who can’t quite fork out the cost of tuition at NYU’s graduate program, there’s some good news! Spike has just announced he’ll be running a one-off online lecture, priced at a comparatively cool £70. Across 16 short seminars, he breaks down the ins and outs of how to work with actors, honing your screenwriting skills, and how to get your film financed.

“There are no absolute truths in filmmaking and no one way to be a filmmaker,” Spike said in a statement. “...very few people get to sit in my classes at NYU, so this is an opportunity for me to share what I’ve learned with as many students as possible, no matter where they are in their film career.”

Lee’s lecture is part of MasterClass, a digitally-run tutorial series that attracts the most prestigious powers from filmmaking, fashion and photography. In the past, everybody from Marc Jacobs to Annie Leibovitz have delivered online seminars, meaning you don’t have to fly halfway around the world to be schooled by your favourite creative icons.

Spike’s lecture is set to go live on the MasterClass website this summer. Meanwhile, his next film Black Klansman, a politically charged thriller about an African American police officer that infiltrates his local KKK group, is set for release around autumn – just in time for Oscar season.

You can check out the trailer for his MasterClass seminar below:

spike lee